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A wide range of services to the Geothermal Industry


From the USA , to the Caribbean and Iceland, now available worldwide

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Why Aetna ?

AITNA (Aetna) is the goddess of the Mount Etna volcano in Sicily, southern Italy. She was the mother by Zeus of the Palikoi (Palici) twin demi-gods of geysers and hot springs.

The giant Typhoeus or Enceladus was buried by Zeus beneath her bulk. His restless turnings were the cause of earthquakes and lava-flows.

The Etna mountain itself was believed to be the place in which Hephaestus and the Cyclops made the thunderbolts for Zeus.

(Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.)

Aetna goddess
Krafla geothermal plant

Krafla power station, Iceland

Aetna Geothermal specializes in providing comprehensive geological services to the global geothermal industry and associated lithium brine extraction, from initial surface exploration to drilling. Our services cater to projects of all sizes, for direct-use or power-generation applications.


We take pride in delivering exceptional support and expertise while leveraging the latest technologies and software to develop high quality graphics and 3D models that aid our clients’ understanding of their geothermal resources.

Power plant New Zealand

Wairakei power station, New Zealand

Our team of geothermal experts and trusted international partners bring a wealth of experience in geothermal and lithium brine projects to guarantee the best results.

By choosing Aetna Geothermal, you can trust that your project will benefit from our extensive knowledge and international experience in the field of geothermal energy.
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3D model

Model of the Long Valley Caldera, USA

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