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Find below more info on the services offered by Aetna Geothermal 


Las Maquinitas, Copahue, Argentina



Aetna Geothermal exploration services includes:


- Review and evaluation of pre-existing geoscientific data,

- Analyses of satellite and aerial surveys to identify geological and geothermal features,

- Field geological mapping and geothermal features identification,

- Development of a resource conceptual model and feasibility study,

- Recommendations for additional survey and exploration programs

- Drilling target selection based on the data produced during the exploration campaign.


Wellsite Geology

For the drilling of exploratory slim-holes or full-scale geothermal wells, Aetna Geothermal is available worldwide to provide services on the drilling site:


- Mud-logging and wellsite geology supervision,

- Reporting on daily operations

- Sample collection and processing

- Cuttings/core description and analysis

- Clay content test (Methylene Blue)

- Monitoring and reporting on drilling parameters

- Production of digital logs and well diagram,

- 3D well path overview with geological structures.

- Temperature survey preparation and supervision

- Preparation of End of Well drilling reports

We can provide, on demand, a Stereo Microscope (up to 90x zoom) with 5.0MP Digital Eyepiece Camera and all necessary sample storage equipment. 


Iceland Drilling Company rig Odinn in Montserrat, BWI


Well testing at Theistareykir geothermal field, Iceland


Resource Assessment

The goal of resource assessment is to provide an accurate estimate of the potential energy production of a geothermal resource, which can help project developers to make informed decisions about the feasibility and viability of a project.

The team at Aetna Geothermal, along with our partners, has a wealth of experience in estimating geothermal resources based on the results of exploration surveys and exploratory well drilling.

By combining our best understanding of a resource characteristics with  the Stored Heat calculation method, we are able to provide a probabilistic estimate of the potential electric generation capacity of a geothermal field. This approach allows us to accurately assess the potential of a geothermal resource and support our clients in their decision-making process


Advanced 3-D Modelling

At Aetna Geothermal, we have the expertise to create visually appealing and highly detailed 2D and 3D models using your data and the industry-leading 3D modeling software Leapfrog and various GIS/drawing software. Our team is skilled in building high-quality graphics and complex models that accurately represent your subsurface data, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your resource and make informed decisions about your project. We can also audit existing models and support your modelling geoscientists.


​Click on the camera icon to watch some movies of 3-D models previously built:

                          - Hellisheidi (Iceland) 

                          - Long Valley Caldera (USA)

More information on our 3-D Modelling Capabilities, Click here

More case studies and reseach work with 3-D models can be find in our Publications page

power plant.png

Illustrative 3-D model of a geothermal field

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