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List of publications for Bastien Poux:

Poux, B., Banks, G. -2022- Visualize and Communicate Confidence in 3-D Geological Models for Geothermal Exploration and Development. Geothermal Resource Council Transactions 46, p. 2160-2173.

Hickson, C.J., Noone, F., Raymond, J., Dusseault, M., Fraser, T., Huang, K., Marcia, K., Miranda, M., Poux, B., Fiess, K., Ebell, J., Ferguson, G., Dale, J., Groenewoud, L., Banks, J., Unsworth, M., Brunskill, B., Grasby, S., and Witter, J. -2021- Geothermal Energy in Canada – Kickstarting an Industry, In Proceedings World Geothermal Congress, Reykjavik, Iceland, May 2021.

Podgorney, R., Simmons, S., Finnila, A., McLennan, J., Neupane, G., O’Brien, J., Elliott, J., Wannamaker, P., Williams, B., Poux, B., Moore, J. -2021- A Framework for Coordinated Earth and Numerical Modeling and Simulation of the Utah FORGE Site. World Geothermal Congress 2020+1, Iceland. View publication

Poux, B., O’Brien, J. -2020- A conceptual approach to 3-D “Play Fairway” Analysis for Geothermal Exploration and Development, Proceedings 42nd New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, November 24-26 2020, Waitangi, New Zealand, ISSN 2703-4275 View publication


Poux, B., O’Brien, J., Williams, B., Alcaraz, S. -2020- The role of Three-Dimensional Models in Geothermal Energy, from Exploration to Production. Proceedings, World Geothermal Congress 2020+1, Iceland. View publication

Lindsey, C., Trainor-Guitton, W., Ayling, B., Poux, B. -2020- Statistical Modeling of Subsurface Temperatures in the Great Basin. 45th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, February 10-12, 2020, SGP-TR-216 View publication


Poux, B., Gunnarsdóttir, S.H. -2016- 3D modeling of Hellisheiði Geothermal Field using Leapfrog Geo. Presented at the GEORG Geothermal Workshop, Reykjavik, Iceland, November 25-26, 2016 and at the JFI (Geological Society of Iceland) 2016 Fall meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland, November 15th, 2016. View presentation. Also published in the Geothermal Resource Council Transactions 42, 19 p. View publication

Brophy, P., Poux, B., Suemnicht, G., Hirtz, P., Ryan, G. -2014- Preliminary Results of Deep Geothermal Drilling and Testing on the Island of Montserrat. Stanford Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Workshop, Stanford, CA, USA. View publication

Brophy, P., Poux, B. -2013- Status of Geothermal Development in the Caribbean Islands. Geothermal Resource Council Meeting 2013, International Session, Las Vegas, USA. View presentation

Poux, B., Brophy, P., Suemnicht, G. -2013- Geothermal Exploration in the island of Montserrat, Caribbean. Presented at the Association of American Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) Pacific Section Meeting, SEG & SEPM, Monterey, California, April 19-25, 2013. View publication

Poux, B., Serrano, V., Brophy, P. -2012- Direct Use of Geothermal Water at the Solage Calistoga Resort, Napa County, California. Geothermal Resource Council Transactions 37, 9p. View publication

Poux, B., Brophy, P. -2012- Geothermal Exploration on the island of Montserrat, Caribbean. Geothermal Resource Council Transactions 37, 13p View publication

Poux, B., Suemnicht, G. -2012- Use of GIS Geoprocessing to select the most favorable sites for Geothermal Exploration in Oregon. Geothermal Resource Council Transactions 37, 8p. View publication

Brophy P., Lippmann M.J., Dobson P.F., Poux B. -2010- The Geysers Geothermal Field, Update 1990-2010. Geothermal Resources Council Special Report No. 20, 248p. View publication

Poux B. -2009- Geothermal prospection methodology: recognition, exploration and characterization of the reservoir, Geologist Master thesis, LaSalle Beauvais Library, n°369, 83p.

Poux B., Kostecki, J. -2007- East Flank sliding of Mount Etna (Sicilia, Italy) and its relation to the N140° faulting zone of Santa Tecla: neotectonics and analogical approaches, Geological thesis, LaSalle Beauvais Library, n°395, 99p.

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